Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Witch Lamp

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One month left until Halloween! I don't have a mantel to decorate for the occasion and I'm not extremely fond of pumpkins. So what to do, what to do? A little witch lamp, of course!  It's black like a real witch and it's got witch stockings, too :)) I used an old Ikea lampshade for the top and a yellow base from the gay lamp for the bottom. Oh, I also drew and decoupaged the Halloween spooked cat. 

In order to decoupage the Halloween cat, I used an ironic patterned paper covered in... other cats:)) And we ate the eggplant the next day (grilled with mushrooms and onions).

Retro Fall

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I'm getting back to my design roots with this retro look. Why is that? Because in spite of my current decorating style that you can see on the blog, I am in fact a little nerdy at heart. I am a geek who loves round furniture, new materials, organic shapes and acid colors. My first "designer" love in kindergarten was Kubrick's film set from "Space Odyssey" and I've been hooked on 70's style ever since. I still don't understand why we don't see a Djinn chair in every home and why our tables have four legs instead of just one :))

Of course, my personal taste has undergone major changes in the last 30 years. I love an eclectic interior and I've learned to appreciate the charming warmth of natural textures. Still, from time to time, I feel the need to escape to a world of happy curves and this is exactly what we have here today. The Fall colors from the Tam Tam stool, the apple lamp and the little lithography on the wall (upper right corner, made from real leaves) converge beautifully in the Mad Hatter poster. I don't mind, since I've got a Bukowski poetry book to read from :)

Fall Colors

Fall is here and I am not complaining anymore. I am fully embracing its wonderful colors in my own way. If you still remember my inspiration for the fall colors, you will see there's been a slight shift in my palette. The deep purple, lavender and burnt orange have invaded every little corner of my home. And I took lots and lots of pics, it felt like a gazillion photos:))) There are many colored surprises to come here on Meeha Meeha for the next days, so stay put :)

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PS: I'm linking up to Lidyll's sweet blog challenge to show your fall colors, so please go visit all the wonderful hues from the talented bloggers there! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Booster: Pink SMEG!

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Two friends of mine have just bought the loveliest little cottage, hidden in a beautiful garden. I am helping them design their new home and right now we are focusing on the kitchen. They've got great taste and we've already decided to go with natural finishes, a combination of white and wood, open shelves and maximum counter space. The kitchen challenge was a good opportunity for me to go through my extensive collection of inspirational pics and I can't get my mind off this simple kitchen with bright accessories spotted on The Decorista. The great little SMEG is the jewel of this space. What can I say - adorable!
PS: Of course, for today's budget, any SMEG is out of our reach. But on the bright side, I've done a little research and things are a little disappointing. They may look wonderful with their retro look and their curves, but the technology is classic. That means you have to defrost them twice a year, just like my mom used to do. And since No Frost refrigerators have been invented, I can't go back technology - wise.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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These must be the last raspberries of this summer. Fresh from the top of the mountains, where the weather is cold and the wild bears run free from one raspberry bush to another. I don't normally post anything food related, but it just so happens that raspberries are my favorite fruit ever. Of course, my grandma had an entire section of the backyard filled with scratchy bushes and annoying nettles. I would go in there with a little bowl... to pick some berries, grandma! And I would come out empty handed, stung and very, very satisfied.

So this is the way they should be remembered: savory, optimistic, with a fresh unmistakable aroma and full of sweetness. I might just put some in a plastic bag and freeze them for winter :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn Flower Ball

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The unusually warm and summery September weather is pouring honey on my heart! But it's too bad for my blogging, because I'm not feeling the Fall vibe at all. The Internet is filled with Halloween decorations and autumn colors, yet here I am sunbathing on Sundays and walking around in my sandals. So I thought I should do something in between seasons, for now. A quick and easy flower arrangement :)

5. Fill in all the visible spots using the smaller flowers. Turn over to check if you missed any bare areas.

I just wanna thank Betsy from Romance On A Dime for featuring this little project :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Booster: It's All About The Textiles

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September is still incredibly warm here in Romania, I am the happiest girl alive because I can't stand cold days at all. But it's no longer exasperatingly hot, it's just... perfect! I've finally been able to use a little throw at night, to cuddle under it in my bed, so warm textiles are all over my mind right now. Today's inspiration comes from the beautiful shop The Family Love Tree. Although their main specialty is wicker, they also master patterns and colors like no other. I love the bold turquoise next to the subdued earth colors. 
This is exactly what I'm planning to do in the living room - there will be a mix of soft summer blues (a reminder of the beachy days) and vivid burnt oranges, to welcome Fall properly.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The "Gay Lamp"

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My friend Mirona has been carrying a lamp in the trunk of her car for the last few weeks. She didn't even know what to do with it. Until she payed me a visit and saw my ever growing collection of thrifted lamps. So when she left, she pulled this lovely "gay lamp" (her words, not mine!) out of the back of the car trunk and gave it to me as a gift. I just couldn't believe my eyes! First, I saw just a burst of vivid fuchsia slapping my eyes with vitamin colors. Then, there were the fabric flowers in a border... and the cherry on the top was... the bottom, actually - a yellow base, slim and sexy.
Thank you again, Mirona, the gay lamp makes me so happy and I'd like to think that she also found a happy home among my childish colored stuff that keeps appearing in the pictures from this little blog :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Light

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There is an old saying in my country which claims that ferns bring happiness to the homes they live in. My fern usually lives on the small balcony. Only I felt like making it a part of the house and I invited it into the sunny living room. That was a big mistake and I remembered in a second why we only admire this lovely plant from a distance. My feline friends seem to be attracted to the gracious leaves like moths to the light. In conclusion, I don't know how many more days I will be willing to clean the little leaves of the floor (several times a day!) so I guess the fern will spread its good karma from the balcony, just like before.

On the pink coffee table you can spot two of my latest thrifty finds: a cone striped vase and a hand painted wooden stand. Their lovely blues go perfectly with my [still] summery mood and with the lighthouse painting on the wall. This one is...? A candle stand, perhaps (with a bump on the top, ha ha!)?! Never mind, it is very beautiful and the traditional decorations make me imagine it came from a Swedish home. A little bit of Scandinavian design right in my living room :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Booster: The Selfish Room

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Today I fell in love with this beautiful black and white TV room from Lonny and its selfish furnishings. How many of us can afford to lose the couch and splurge on a one-person chaise? With just a single beautiful-but-not-so-comfortable chair for just ONE other visitor? Maybe I just crave a little privacy and a 24 hour "me" time and that's why I find this comfortable chaise lounge so appealing. Most girls dream of a huge bathroom with all its spoils - I say give me a TV room like this and forget the bathtub :))  I could just crawl on the furry pillows (looooooooove them!), lying back with my feet up... 
On a different note, let's sit back for a moment and admire the airy feeling, the slim lines and the striking art. The owner has got a personal taste and is not afraid to show it! I also like the contrast between the sleek, austere items (the TV stand, coffee table and window tables) and the high-end touches, full of texture (the cow skin, the basket and the fab lamp collection). Sigh...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Behind The Door

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Behind the door to my bedroom, there is a cozy reading spot, ready for the cooler days of Fall. I've got a stack of photography books and some new novels which will keep my heart pumping high with excitement. The whimsical teapot is spreading a jasmine aroma all around the room. The traditional rug I just bought in my last trip keeps me warm, as well as the white fluffy pillow. 
I've taken up the challenge from Hege (Hege In France) and her friend Efrat (Cafe Veyafe) to post one picture taken behind a door. This made me think of the long list of scenes I've shot in my home in the same style. I've never posted any of them until now, but I intend to publish them from now on, because I think they are quite charming :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Colors 2012

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This year's color inspiration comes from my everyday toiletry. I was brushing my teeth when suddenly the corner of my eye caught a lovely palette, perfect for this warm and happy autumn. You can spot them in the upper left corner: a soft lilac and a burnt orange. So I rushed to my fabric stash and put together a nice assortment of white, soft pink, burnt orange and pearl grey. I'm gonna make me some nice pillows, to set up the Fall vibe :) The yarn bit was a little more complicated - but nothing that a little visit to my mom's couldn't solve in an instant. I chose the same colors, but there was no orange, so I switched it with a rich yellow - orange wool skein.
PS: I've already went and crocheted some triangles in my new Fall colors. I fell in love with them! Maybe it will be a pillow case, maybe it will be a beret... who knows?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweets For My Sweet

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It looks like all this talk about meringue has paid off, after all :) And this is just a twisted way of saying "Thank you, sweet Ana from Carpe Diem, for passing over to me the So Sweet Blog Award" even if I don't qualify anymore, with more than 200 followers. But Ana got her pirate hat and stood tall on her charming DIY stool, showing the world that those followers are to be a joy, not an obstacle. So here I am, pinning this to the sidebar, yay!

Let's cut to the chase, I have the pleasure of recommending these wonderful blogs to whom I am passing the So Sweet Blog Award (in alphabetical order):

Big hugs to you, lovely ladies nominated above! All you've got to do is:
1. Put the award on the blog;
2. Thank the blogger who gave you the award - oh, yes, praise me :))))
and 3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs with less than 200 followers who are worth our attention.

PS: You see, Ana, even with over 200 followers, I still got some aces up my sleeve! I hope you love these girls as much as I do, every time I read their inspiring posts :)

Mad Hatter Cupcake Toppers

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When I was preparing my Mad Tea Party, I just knew I wanted some meringues on the table, because they remind me of childhood. You should have tasted my mom's meringue - they were made with love and sweeter than the best cake in town. In order to fit into the Mad Hatter theme, I needed to make personalized toppers which would rise to the occasion. It goes without saying that the hat is a great symbol to our character and I love hats! So I made these little DIY stamps for the cake toppers:

I had so much fun making the stamps, that in the end there were three different designs. The more, the merrier, isn't it? And because of the tea party color scheme in red and aqua, I used red ink to make the little toppers. Also, these are DISAPPEARING cupcake toppers, because of the Cheshire Cat who had this annoying habit of disappearing all the time in such an abrupt manner. So the topper sticks are part wood and part white, looking like they are invisible from the bottom down. At least, that was the idea :)

I'm gonna break the tutoral into two easy parts, the DIY stamps and the cupcake toppers. You can use the stamps tutorial to make stamps fpr a bunch of different applications. Stamps are great for card-making, gift tags, personalised wrapping paper and anything else you can think of.
1. Draw your design on the eraser with a sharpie. The eraser must be good quality because you don't want your stamp to crumble because of a bad rubber texture.
2. Use a stamp cutter and trace all the outlines of the design. Work slowly and use a steady hand.
3. Get rid of all the rubber surplus on the inside and on the edges of the eraser. You need to have a clean cut and the final shape should stand up from the rubber base. This way, the ink will only adhere to the design.
4. Press the stamp on an ink pad and then onto your paper or cardboard. Work gently in order to avoid any ink mess and apply a steady pressure for a few seconds.

Phew, that was easy! Now let's continue with the cupcake topper steps:
1. Take a toothpick and dip it in white paint. The paint should cover half of the toothpick length (for the disappearing effect). Repeat with all the other ones. I dipped them directly into the paint jar, as you can see.
2. Let the toothpicks dry completely for half an hour. Remove the ones with imperfections.
3. Fold the stamped piece of paper in half, apply glue and insert the wooden tip of the toothpick inside. Press firmly. The toothpick should be now attached to the paper like a flag.
4. Cut the free side of the flag in order to make a "V" shape. The cupcake topper is now complete.

So here they are. The disappearing Mad Hatter meringue toppers for my Mad Tea Party:

UPDATE: The Mad Hatter Toppers have been featured at Confetti Diaries. Thank you so much :)


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