Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Booster: Pink SMEG!

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Two friends of mine have just bought the loveliest little cottage, hidden in a beautiful garden. I am helping them design their new home and right now we are focusing on the kitchen. They've got great taste and we've already decided to go with natural finishes, a combination of white and wood, open shelves and maximum counter space. The kitchen challenge was a good opportunity for me to go through my extensive collection of inspirational pics and I can't get my mind off this simple kitchen with bright accessories spotted on The Decorista. The great little SMEG is the jewel of this space. What can I say - adorable!
PS: Of course, for today's budget, any SMEG is out of our reach. But on the bright side, I've done a little research and things are a little disappointing. They may look wonderful with their retro look and their curves, but the technology is classic. That means you have to defrost them twice a year, just like my mom used to do. And since No Frost refrigerators have been invented, I can't go back technology - wise.


  1. Replies
    1. Too lovely (that's why I keep telling myself I need a No Frost one...)

  2. Oh but I think I could de-frost just twice a year for such a gorgeous object in my kitchen! It is a perfect space for cooking but sadly even this small room is larger than my kitchen space!

    1. What can I say? Give me a little SMEG like that and I would defrost it every two months, if necessary :))



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