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Part of me wants to send another warm THANK YOU! to all the lovely ladies who liked my posts and featured me. THANK YOU ! from the bottom of my heart, I just can't express the joy, the pride and and the gratitude that I'm experiencing, all at once...
And of course part of me wants to sit on top of a mountain peak and brag to the world (I'm a Leo, I can't help it)...
So either way - this is page where I keep track of blogs that featured me :)

First of all, I feel honored and I'm floating in the seventh sky because Jo from Desire to Inspire has selected me for The Easter Reading Guide. I mean, Desire to Inspire has been my Internet homepage for more than two years, I worship them!

My happy entryway was featured on
PhotobucketOrganize and Decorate EverythingPhotobucketRomanceOnADime.comButtonPhotobucket kimbo's crafts 

My umbrella gift box was featured on
   Candace Creations   chalkboard 

My pink coffee tables have been featured on
   featured button  RomanceOnADime.com Tickled Pink at 504 MainUndertheTableandDreaming

The tutorial How to make a spring vignette in 5 min was featured on
   RomanceOnADime.com   Mushki Loves My Stuff   Photobucket    

The faux wallpaper was featured on
homework Chatty Chics  A Crafty Soiree The Shabby Nest  five days five ways | because every day is different  It's Overflowing  Visit thecsiproject.com    

The DIY Easter Hat has been featured on

The Turquoise living room was featured here
   Organize and Decorate Everything   Photobucket  
                                        The Southern Institute   UndertheTableandDreaming

The Spring Trees free printable was featured on
  The Shabby Nest  Lovely Crafty Home  It's OVerflowing

The Spring bedroom Makeover was featured on
   homework chalkboard  RomanceOnADime.com Photobucket

My Balcony makeover was featured on
    A Diamond in the Stuff   Too Much Time On My Hands

The 12-pattern gift box was featured here:

My little Handmade Notebook got featured at
homework     Craft & Tell  you are talking too much My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia   RomanceOnADime.com  

The chalk paint vases were featured on
   Candace Creations
The beachy photo frames got featured here:
  A Little Knick Knack  Lovely Crafty Home    A Marvelous Mess 
A Crafty Soiree  
The Beachy Living Room was featured at these parties:
 Country Momma Cooks It's overflowing   
five days five ways | because every day is different  Photobucket  Lovely Crafty Home 
    My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia    
  Fridays Unfolded  loving this crazy life  Candace Creations
The Boat Origami Garland got featured here:
 RomanceOnADime.com    Here's to Handy Andy  handmade projects
The Mad Tea Party was featured at:
homework         The 36th AVENUE  A Crafty Soiree    five days five ways | because every day is different   It's Overflowing 
The Summer Printable Gift Tags got featured at
The little Witch Lamp has been featured at
Pinning  The 36th AVENUE      
      Made in a Day
The Summer To Fall Living Room was featured here
UndertheTableandDreaming       It's Overflowing
Little Inspiration  

The Halloween Miniatures were featured here
The DIY Dreamer  featured button

The Halloween Gallery Wall was featured at these parties
         UndertheTableandDreaming It's Overflowing  The 36th AVENUE  featured button  Made in a Day  Photobucket  kitchenfunThe Shabby Nest  five days five ways | because every day is different  Here's to Handy Andy  

The Edible Place Cards for Halloween were featured at

featured button      A Diamond in the Stuff  
Katie's Nesting Spot    Photobucket

The simple Autumn Gift Wrap has been featured here
homework      Organize and Decorate Everything  Tuesday To Do Party

The Neon Pumpkin was featured at


  1. OMG, how many features you've got! :)

  2. Congrats on your many features! That's awesome!


  3. You have so many features! This is so amazing! Congrats!

  4. Congrats! Any tips on getting featured?

  5. Iuhuu, well done. You really deserve it ;)



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