Thursday, February 27, 2014

A White Hyacinth

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By the time I was publishing my tutorial on how to force bulbs for Christmas, new bulbs were ready to be forced in my kitchen. This time I put them in clear vases. I like to see the long thin roots, they look like a strange ocean creature from the coral barriers. And now the white hyacinths spread their smell around my home, intoxicating me with memories and spring vacation plans.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2000 Thanks!

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Happy Sunday to all my friends and lovely readers! I just popped in to send a little "Thank You!" note to my Pinterest followers. Yup, I've reached 2000 followers and I've never been more addicted to pinning... It's (very) time consuming, but also fascinating - and a place to meet new people of incredible taste! 
So let's see what I've been pinning lately - and for anyone who is interested in discovering new ideas and spaces, you can FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST anytime :) Thank you once more <3

Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Early) Spring Balcony

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Thank God for warm (and sometimes sunny) weather! Who would have thought that we could enjoy a cup of tea on the small balcony, in February?! So, the days went from bloody freezing to mild and I prepared a cozy corner on the balcony. We've got sheep skin to keep us warm, a well equipped serving tray, potted plants and fresh flowers :)

The pride of my spring balcony are the "green babies" who survived a cold Romanian winter. These plants, mostly succulents, spider plants and ferns, are already trained to spend a few months on the chilly balcony. The space is enclosed with glass, but it's not heated and not many plants can make it til spring. 

I've already daydreamed about enjoying a cup of mint tea with my boyfriend :) Valentine's Day is tomorrow and the balcony is the perfect place to spend the morning together. That's why there is a whimsical heart hanging there. I love the way it looks, with the dusty pink silk and the delicate lace. But the hearts means so much more to me, because it's a handmade present from lovely Lisa. Hop over to her blog Lisa Sol to see her talent in action!

The colors make me smile and it feels like Spring already! Even the hyacinths come in three colors! I just used whatever was handy, not thinking about the chromatic at all. That's why you can see a lovely mix of greens, blues and pinks against the white background of the balcony. Oh, and a little bit of yellow, too!

Ladies, you are invited to take a break with me on the balcony. It is warm and fresh in here. It smells of hyacinths and tea and honey. The teapot is made by local artisans and the green poster is a simple DIY from origami paper. If it gets dark, we'll light the candle and the Moroccan lamp on the shelf! 


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