Monday, March 26, 2012


March 16th: Tender loving care between Anais and Junior. I guess neither of them wanted to give up the striped pillow.

March 17th: The forest is not yet blooming with new life. Instead, it is rusting away, in a sea of auburn with glimpses of white snow, deep down in the darkness.

March 18th: I've been hitting a new thrift shop. New to me, that is - how could I miss a thrift shop in my own town?


March 19th: Sunset pic, as I came back from work. Yup, I live on the last floor and I've extended my plant collection on the staircase, as well :D

March 20th: Love doves waiting for spring in the beautiful birch tree outside my office.

March 21st: Poor little forgotten door, bathing in the warm spring sunshine.

March 22nd: So here they are, my second pair of glasses which looks like the first one.

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  1. i need that door. with a little teal paint and wax, he'd be soooooo happy in my bedroom....

    1. An old door for a headboard - I could dream about it for days....

  2. What a nice selection of pictures ! of course I love the cat photo especially, and the little doves ! The door too, looks maybe tired but still solid !

    1. Thank you, Gattina, my cats say Hi to Arthur!



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