Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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These must be the last raspberries of this summer. Fresh from the top of the mountains, where the weather is cold and the wild bears run free from one raspberry bush to another. I don't normally post anything food related, but it just so happens that raspberries are my favorite fruit ever. Of course, my grandma had an entire section of the backyard filled with scratchy bushes and annoying nettles. I would go in there with a little bowl... to pick some berries, grandma! And I would come out empty handed, stung and very, very satisfied.

So this is the way they should be remembered: savory, optimistic, with a fresh unmistakable aroma and full of sweetness. I might just put some in a plastic bag and freeze them for winter :)


  1. I love raspberries!! I froze a bunch this summer because I had so many on my two bushes that I couldn't eat them all!

    Have a happy day!

    1. Great thinking, Anne, your frozen berries will taste even better in the winter time, won't they?

  2. great photos! my raspberries bush dried out this summer :(
    I'll try again next spring, I love them, too!

    1. Ana, try again, your little ones will so happy to eat them fresh, just as I was remembering in my post!

  3. Wild Raspberry is really good!
    We also picked and raspberry jam made ​​touched, yammy :)




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