Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Booster: It's All About The Textiles

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September is still incredibly warm here in Romania, I am the happiest girl alive because I can't stand cold days at all. But it's no longer exasperatingly hot, it's just... perfect! I've finally been able to use a little throw at night, to cuddle under it in my bed, so warm textiles are all over my mind right now. Today's inspiration comes from the beautiful shop The Family Love Tree. Although their main specialty is wicker, they also master patterns and colors like no other. I love the bold turquoise next to the subdued earth colors. 
This is exactly what I'm planning to do in the living room - there will be a mix of soft summer blues (a reminder of the beachy days) and vivid burnt oranges, to welcome Fall properly.


  1. Do you live in Romania :)
    I tried yesterday to find out ... 've been to Romania once 22 years ago.
    I think it was very nice country! But it's all too long ago.
    Lovely picture showing today, inspiration :)

    Have a nice evening!

    1. Janne, you really visited Romania? It's a beautiful country, if you know where to look :) I've been to Norway in 2003 for a month, I have no words to describe how beautiful it is!

  2. I love it! This is SO MY STYLE! I really love this boho style deco, absolutely me. PS I would have never ever thought you live in Romania! Amazing surprise!

    1. Oh, I think I've talked about Romania before... must put it somewhere on the blog :)) So glad you like this fab bedroom!



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