Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Booster: The Selfish Room

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Today I fell in love with this beautiful black and white TV room from Lonny and its selfish furnishings. How many of us can afford to lose the couch and splurge on a one-person chaise? With just a single beautiful-but-not-so-comfortable chair for just ONE other visitor? Maybe I just crave a little privacy and a 24 hour "me" time and that's why I find this comfortable chaise lounge so appealing. Most girls dream of a huge bathroom with all its spoils - I say give me a TV room like this and forget the bathtub :))  I could just crawl on the furry pillows (looooooooove them!), lying back with my feet up... 
On a different note, let's sit back for a moment and admire the airy feeling, the slim lines and the striking art. The owner has got a personal taste and is not afraid to show it! I also like the contrast between the sleek, austere items (the TV stand, coffee table and window tables) and the high-end touches, full of texture (the cow skin, the basket and the fab lamp collection). Sigh...


  1. I love that giant X ray at the back! Perfect touch!

  2. Oh--a selfish room! Yes, please, sign me up. As a mommy to five rambunctious little boys, I could definitely use some alone time now and then! ;) Only I could do without the skull on the wall...

    1. OMG, five boys must be a handful! Please take the selfish room, I'm rushing now to take down the X ray for you :))



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