Friday, January 6, 2012

Vintage cabinet

This cabinet used to be in my grandfather's office. It had glass doors and little lace curtains on the inside, so nobody could see its contents. Needless to say, I was never allowed to reach inside that cabinet!

It now sits in my bedroom, a daily delight for my eyes and probably my favorite item in the entire house. My mom recently told me than when she was a little girl, the cabinet used to belong to her grandfather and she never reached inside it, either...

I took out the glass from the doors and I think it looks much better like this. It is home to my favorite vinyl albums and to my ever-growing poetry collection.


  1. love it love it love it.
    and such a great memory, too

    1. Thank you, Ana, the vintage cabinet is indeed my favorite thing in the house and the only one I would take with me if I needed to move :) I must take new pictures of it, soon!



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