Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The 365 project continues. I must say it's been VERY difficult to keep the photos up to date. Who knows, I may build up some discipline, after all!

Jan 6th: My first pet ever, Anais. Charming as ever, little ball of fur, magnetic eyes, Hitler mustache.

Jan 7th: Blessed is the week-end, for I can finally sleep until the cats wake me up, begging for food and love.

Jan 8th: I'm crazy about this photo. White and yellow chrysanthemum on the kitchen table and some chromatic accessories.

Jan 9th: My Christmas crochet pillow case is still not ready. But it will be ready just in time for Easter!

Jan 10th: A beautiful mess after a movie night with friends. The house looks more inviting than ever.

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  1. I think I'm gonna take this thing up too... It should be fun, it looks like it. :D

  2. Keep them comming! It's difficult, but it's a lot easier than I anticipated. And yes, LOTS of fun (when you choose the pictures).



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