Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie marathon with friends. The morning after.

So how can I ever rise up to the standard of wonderful interior design blogs if I keep on posting messy pictures? I just can't help myself, my home is soooooooo lovely when it's a little messed up!
I got up this morning thinking of the mess I had to clean up after last night's movie marathon. Instead, I found the house more beautiful than ever. Cozy, unpretentious, inviting.


  1. Pfai, dar cine mai stie! Cand stai cu cinefilul de popa in casa, e o cavalcada de filme!

  2. Tot ce pot sa sun e ca maine-poimaine mai facem un maraton, de stand-up.

  3. acum imi dau seama ca sunt Unknown... chiar asa
    te intreb si FB, in particular ca poate iti scapa vreo doua titluri



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