Monday, July 30, 2012

The Sand, The Sea And The Sky

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Let me say it in French, because it sounds so much better: "Le sable, la mer et le ciel". Two neighborly shades of electric blue and a honey gold. The color scheme from my recent trip to the seaside, which is still haunting my mind every time I have to actually work (in order to make more money for me to spend at the sea side again, I keep telling myself). So I've been playing with these little vases which remind me of the soothing embrace of sand, sea and sky in one perfect moment.

I'm in love with their inner beauty and their outer patterns. The first blue vase has got thick wavy stripes, hence the sea. The other blue vase displays a happy net of clear bubbles, so it makes for a summer rain from the sky. And the honey one, with the thin lines, is a perfectly neat sandy beach. Look inside them and you will submerge into the story.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Mad Tea Party

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The Mad Hatter and the March Hare were sitting at the table, fighting over the marshmallows. "Why don't you just eat them?" asked Alice. "This is what I would do, in any circumstances." The March Hare answered in a pedantic voice: "There is science and method in eating these marshmallows: we must choose the toppers carefully in order to always leave on the plate an even number from each design". Alice looked closely and she saw three types of Mad Hatter's hat cupcake toppers.

"Why is the cat smiling like that, from one ear to the other?" she asked. "Because she was drawn by the talented Charles Santoso, that's why and she is famous now all over the net. Celebrity will do that to you." Alice thought the cat must be crazy, because she drank her milk first and spilled the tea on the ground.

"What are those flowers in the teapot?" wondered the little girl, because she had never seen them before. They looked like a combination of a hedgehog and a purple cloud. "Oh, those are immortal flowers, they transform into a flower mummy and stay like this forever", replied the Mad Hatter. "They are perfect for us, since The Queen beheaded Time and there is no time to grow new flowers of any kind."

"Beware of the Mushroom, it bites!" they both cried, as Alice approached the red mushroom with her hand held in the air. "There is no Mushroom here", she replied. "All I see is a lamp in drag. I bet that she can swirl and dance like no other. Let's play a cotillion!" So they all quickly gathered around, ready for the dance, but the March Hare kept glancing at the minty mints from the jar.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late For A Very Important Date!

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The Mad Tea Party starts tomorrow at A Fanciful Twist and I am still debating which tea cups to use for the occasion! What flowers? What tea?? Oh my, oh my, so much to do, so little time! The marshmallows are in the oven and the candy is already winking at me ( Eat me! Eat me! I must go now ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Purple Secret

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This secretive Eustoma doesn't want to share the key to its majestic beauty. Wrapped in velvety purple like a rose, soft on the edges like a humble pansy and overtly alluring, it reigns over my kitchen table. Oh well...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Entertaining On The Smallest Balcony

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What happens when you've got friends over on Saturday? Well, you have lots of fun. You make an impromptu cooking session, watch funny stuff on the net, sing, tell stories, lie a little (for fun!), sigh a little (because of nostalgia). Then you laugh your heart out at the silly things and start all over again. Even if you are the perfect hostess, you are bound to go to sleep at some point. Your guests can use the couch and the beanbags. Get up on Sunday morning and what do you see?

Well, this is what I saw first, but only because the little plants are my dear friends. But in reality, this is what it looked like: 

Your guests have made themselves at home and started playing chess in the smallest balcony. Who's winning, you ask? Well, I am, because nothing could make me happier! So it is functional, after all! Not just for me and the cats, but for other grown up people, as well :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Heavenly Retreat

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So you've seen the beautiful sea on my previous post and you thought "Lucky duck, it doesn't get better than this!" but the truth is that between the splashing / sunbathing sessions we stayed HERE. The heavenly garden. It was a secret retreat drowning in a sea of flowers, with a beautiful orchard in the back. We had a sour cherry tree, a peach tree and an apple tree right above our heads (and a falling tree hit me in the head :))) but it was worth it).

My definition of Heaven on Earth: a tiny little house hiding under a giant willow tree, ready for tea and stories in the hot afternoon. In case you're wondering, that is a trophy pike's head mounted on a bungalow wall. Pikes are ferocious predators and a delicacy when cooked by a Romanian local chef. My aunt Maricica made this dish in my childhood and I'm drooling just when I think of it.

Shell garlands everywhere, that was a must for a seaside retreat. There was so much greenery that one could easily forget where they were, on the hot windy sea shore. Then there was the case of the curious trees I've never met before and their wonderful pink flowers. I've tried my best to capture them, but unfortunately my camera and I had a slight disagreement concerning the definition of "focus" and "clarity". Oh well...

And this is the hardest past of my blogging side: I'm desperately trying to squeeze a gazillion pics into a not-so-long and not-too-boring post. So maybe a couple more and I'm done :)

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