Sunday, February 12, 2012

The ubiquitous IKEA floor lamp

My current living room setting looks like this:

Although I am perfectly satisfied with it, you may easily recognize no less than three well-known IKEA items: the floor lamp, the couch pillows and the blue giraffe. In my opinion, the room does NOT look like page 62 from the IKEA catalog. I think that the art collection, the bean bags (spotted on the left) and the inherited couch say enough about my personal style.
So I don't have to worry about incorporating this iconic Ikea lamp. Still, I've been thinking a lot about switching it with something else...

My first thought goes, of course, to those lovely retro organic shapes that are my dream style:

I am  sucker for Kubric's film sets, I would live in one of them all my life. But the above lamps do not match my current vibe in the living room. So I would go for an over-sized statement lamp like this:

Hmm... the room is too small... Then maybe choose a quirky lamp (somewhat classical in design - with a twist):

But if I truly listen to my gut, I'm in the mood of pimping me a granny lamp - Sibella Court style:

Definitely, granny style does it for me.
I'm just sad because I really like the Storm lamp, its proportions, its quiet beauty and its paper texture. And most of all, I love the way it diffuses the light in a warm glow around the room. So when I see the serene Swedish designers matching everyday Ikea items with high-end decorations...

... I wanna keep my lamp because it really makes me happy!


  1. very beautiful lamp.

    Dora's Unique Touch

    1. Thank you, Dora, that's exactly why I've decided to keep it (for now)


  3. Widziałam ta lampę w IKEI i podoba mi się. Dziękuję za miły komentarz :-). Pozdrawiam. *** I saw the lamp in IKEA and I like it. Thank you for the nice comment :-). Yours.

  4. Keep your lamp! it looks so beautiful. I have the
    same one and love the soft light it makes...
    Although the granny style lamps ARE gorgeous :-).
    thanks for your lovely comment on my valentines mobile.
    am following you back

    1. Welcome, Julia and thank for following! It IS hard choosing between soft light and smashing granny style :)...



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