Friday, February 24, 2012


February 17th: Funny looking lamp posts topped with icicles and snow bonnets :D

February 18th: Full bloom for my orchid. She makes a wonderful companion for the fun retro bedside lamp.

February 19th: All that snow is starting to melt on the sidewalk. Bad for your soaking wet feet, but so poetic!

February 20th: Last minute shot from my balcony. It may be the last snow shot for this year :(

February 21st: The crow trees. With the snow starting to melt down, clouds of thousands of crows come back in the evening, after searching for food in the fields around the city.

February 22nd: The bright side of insomnia: I finally got to see what the sky looks like at 6.30 AM.

February 23rd: Domestic scene on my kitchen counter, starring the most beautiful cat in the world.

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  1. I love the pictures! My favorite is Feb 23, featuring a very adorable, mustached cat. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you, her name is Anais and each time you visit my blog there is a 80% chance she stars in the pictures. She just loves to pose!

  2. oh, i really enjoyed viewing all your photos! i think feb.21 is my favorite but all the others are beautiful as well.
    also, thanks for your comment on artsy ants!
    have a great week,

  3. Beautiful! I love love love your photographs! So talented.

    Thanks again for your sweet comments of my blog. I'm going to follow you back on my way out! :)

  4. Your shots are lovely! The crow shot looks like it's right out of Hitchcock's The Birds, with its black and white retro feel.

  5. My orchid's blooms fell off a few months ago and have yet to return. I think I have a black thumb. :( The only plants that survive here are fake ones!

    1. I've had this orchid for 3 or 4 years. It's normal for the plant to go dormant for 6 months. Cut the rods that used to have flowers. Put it in a cool place, no water, no drafts. If the leaves are green and healthy, she will make a new spike :) Come back then for more info.



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