Wednesday, February 1, 2012


OK, I admit I fell a little behind schedule with the 365 project. This doesn't mean I didn't take a photo each day (I already formed the habit of taking several pics each day). I just looked back at my posts and it seemed that the 365 posts were taking too much room on the blog. I am still hesitating between a 7 day posting period and a 10 day one. But my gut tells me it will probably be a weekly post, because it is easier to remember and a 10 photo post seems too long, for my taste.

Meanwhile, these are my latest pics:

Jan 26th: Precisely at midnight, a stray pigeon came to spend the night by my kitchen windowsill. That is not surprising, since my windows face a city square with lots of pigeons. We've got a pigeon nest in the heater exhaust, near the window. So maybe lady pigeon of the nest had a serious quarrel with the husband and sent him to spend the night on the windowsill :)))

Jan 27th: Preparations for the weekly mix post. Close-up from a sheep skin pillowcase. I love the texture!

Jan 28th: A close-up look at the cat house. One giant cardboard box, filled with rubbish and cat toys. Teeth marks on every edge. Cat owners understand.

Jan 29th: What can I say? Wishbone!

Jan 30th: Cat nap, pink paws, pink nose.

Jan 31st: Swedish glass coaster, a gift from mom. I've been to Sweden, there are no blue reindeer in sight...

Feb 1st: Shopping for a friend's birthday. Instead of one big cake, I chose a selection of seven different cakes, put together. And that's how the cake met everybody's taste at the party!

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