Friday, January 20, 2012


Twenty days have passed, I am twenty pictures richer. When I have my coffee in the morning, I can't wait to discover what will I photograph for the 365 project. Please, let this "phase" last for another eleven months!

Jan 16th: The ice glance and the "pagoda ears" are not peaceful signs. Cat fight ahead! Cat owners know...

Jan 17th: My favorite pic from the most recent gift wrapping photo session. My best friend John will be so pleased with this present :)

Jan 18th: A poetic winter scene right under my balcony, at noon. You can see the night version here.

Jan 19th: On my way to my art supply store (shopping list: double sided adhesive tape, white FIMO, white gel pen, black liner, orange acrylic paint). A Scandinavian shade of turquoise and a decadent hint of gold (!)

Jan 20th: I've posted some of these 365 pics on Flickr and I've noticed that many members strive for better quality and better technique in their photography. This is my first attempt to achieve a deeper background and more dramatic light in my pics. See ya!

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