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Friday, December 13, 2013

Monochrome Gift Wrapping

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Natural herbs have become my best friends! You can see how I've played with their delicate hues and intricate designs here and here. Now I thought of celebrating their beauty by incorporating them into a subtle gift wrapping in the same color. Here they are: monochrome gifts!

There are several ways you can apply the dried herbs while keeping a minimalist appearance of the gift wrap, as you can see in the photos below:

Just wrap the gift box in soft lavender and put the twig on top. Secure the gift with a single line of wool.

For the black gift wrapping I used a little bit of black washi tape to keep the berries on top of the box.

Or you can tie together two twigs with thread, then add a drop of glue onto the craft paper gift wrapping!

The monochrome gift wrapping is super-easy to make if you stick to these simple rules:
1. Choose your natural twigs and berries first, then find color-coordinated paper in similar shades.
2. Use little or no yarn at all (same goes for ribbon, tags or other embellishments).
3. Less is more - don't overcrowd the gifts. But you can be as creative as you can :) Enjoy!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Gift wrapping 5: MAIA's box

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Yesterday I went to Maia's birthday party. She turned 7. Maia is a genuine artist and she loves everything in a vivid color and an attractive shape. She always buys the crazy-looking buyme-screaming icecream, even if she likes plane old vanilla fudge. So I made for her this 12 pattern gift box. 

Quick tutorial:
1. Cut your paper strips. Start from the edge, leaving a little bit of paper on the outside, in order to cover the corners nicely.
2. Glue the paper strip including the overlapping on the side of the box.
3. Repeat for each paper strip. Rinse, than repeat. (I'm kidding, this only goes for shampoo. But I like the way it sounds :-D)
4. Carefully glue the tips on the top inside of the box.



I've completed the gift box with a polka dot name tag, to which I added a cute little owl for extra whimsy.

Maia was very happy with the gift box, especially because every side had 3 different patterns that never repeated. My thanks to Studio 71 design who created the lovely paperback.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to make a spring vignette in 5 minutes

Vignettes are my ultimate decor challenge. I am NEVER satisfied with the final outcome. But hey - you know what they say: "Practice makes perfect". So I practice, practice, practice again and again. I've become slightly better at it. And a lot quicker.
So here is my tutorial for a vignette anyone can create in just 5 minutes.

Step one: Find your inspiration.
Choose one item that you truly love and work your way around it. It can be anything: a nice painting / photo, a color, a vase, a book. Anything - but you really really have to love it, because everything falls naturally into place when we work with something dear to us. And if we try to star something that we THINK is great, but it's not really our personal taste, then it's gonna feel pointless and it's not gonna work for us at all.
I just had these wonderful spring bulbs - all bloomed up and no where to display them! So they were the stars of my spring vignette.

Intermission: let me stop the tutorial for a moment and really enjoy these beauties:

Step two: Look for color coordinated stuff right in your home. 
Choose everyday items, don't try to overdo it. I went with books, because I love to decorate with them on all occasions. Then I also grabbed some boxes from my study, because they were right under my nose and I have to finish in about 5 minutes. And the blooming almond branches by Van Gogh has been one of my favorite paintings since I was 8.
A little tip: 
Not all the stuff has to be the same color, it will look too matchy-matchy. Instead, go for some neutrals that will loosen up the vibe. My books are mainly green, but there are also a purple one, a grey one and a brown one. I only had one green box, but the other two are also light brown. Neutrals are the key to a care-free vignette.

Step three: Make an "A" shaped arrangement. PLAY.
I guess you all know the rule about the triangle disposition of your vignette items. I tried different ways to arrange my flowers and books. I tried to top with the daffodils, then with the art book. Then I added the boxes at the bottom, for extra height on my "A" shape. I love an elongated outline :)
At the bottom of your vignette, feel free to add any little knick-knacks you like. They don't impose on the overall image, so there are no special rules.
My tips:
Don't try to be extremely symmetrical, it will look too stiff. Move the tip of the "A" shape a little to the left or to the right.
Make sure that the height of the "A" shape is a lot bigger than the lateral sides. This will provide an ascending  feeling to the viewer and your vignette will look more ... artistic.

So there you are. Not bad for 5 minutes work!

Bonus pic:  This is what my spring fling looks from a distance. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gift wrapping 4


I know. I know, Christmas is coming in 10 months. But it's very cold in my home town - 20 degrees Celsius below zero (-2 degrees Fahrenheit) and my car sits under 60 cm of snow. 'Cause shoveling is futile. And the reindeer are too proud and precious to be related to a single day in the calendar.
For this gift box, I decided to do something wild. I chose the brown paper for the neutral base and I topped it with a brown stripy one, for extra bling. The red yarn is just a leftover from my last crochet pillow session.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Gift wrapping 2

Well, if you're on the rush and need a stunning package, choose a catchy wrapping paper. Special friend? Start thinking of ways to enhance the paper's natural beauty. Perhaps a little texture? Take a trip to your textile scraps drawer and choose some (not so) coordinated fabric. Like this.

It's getting late. Take an old shoe box, the ruler, the scissors, the glue and the double-sided tape.

Wrap-up in paper, add the extra fabric, add some coordinated string and don't forget the name tag! Go to your friend's party and confidently present this awesome gift:)

PS: If anybody asks, you payed a small fortune at the mall to have it wrapped like this. Click here to see my other gift wrapping posts :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gift wrapping

A 5 year old pencil box gets a re-purposed life.... Oh, the pleasure of gift wrapping! The joy of designing the right package for the birthday person! In this case, the birthday girl is a talented copy-writer, hence the tag "The rain in Spain... is good for the brain".

I took a used pen box and wrapped it in simple kraft paper. I was dying to use this adorable umbrella shaped that I received for Christmas - Thank you, ANA!! And for the final touch, I added some rain (I used a white gel pen) and some yarn to make the puffy clouds.
The key to success: less is more. Stay monochrome!

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UPDATE: TA-DAAAAAAAA! I am honored to be featured at Blissful and DomesticCandace CreationsTales of a Trophy WifeFlamingo Toes and Mr Shines Class. Thank you for your support :)

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