Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Happy Home

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Right now, home is where my dinner is! There are no more berries in the farmers market place, so I bought these from the supermarket, instead. They taste good... In the photo below, you can see a strange party on my kitchen counter. The wooden rabbit and the black sheep have been drinking tea... ever since last Easter! Behind them there's an unconventional art: I just put 3 book signs in a single frame. I made the book signs myself with scrap paper, but I only showed you the turquoise spring trees.

I don't have time for proper cooking anymore, as I waltz my way between two jobs. Lucky for me, there's a little take-out right beneath my flat, called "The Feast Of Gods". They serve real cooked meals and I mean they have only traditional Romanian meals. So the shelves are piling up with stuff, just like in any other corner of my [once wonderfully organized] home. That's why the parsley jar sits forgotten behind rows and rows of glasses, bowls and coffee cups. I can barely reach the curry jar, for emergency cases only!

All is well and quiet in the living room. You can see scattered pillows everywhere - mostly for the comfort of my cats. They have an amazing capacity to sleep all day, so the big pillows are put to a great use. To tell you the whole truth, there is another reason why I don't put some of the pillows away. I am so busy and tired that if the evening hours catch me on the sofa, I just doze off into oblivion. Then I wake up the next morning and go directly to work, without having touched the bed :))

And last but not least, there's the lovely sight of the happy entry way. I've spent a long time hand painting the retro wallpaper and I was afraid I'll get tired of it too quickly. Oh well - four years have passed and this vitamin nook still brings me joy each morning, when I put my shoes on, choose a colored handbag and head out for a new day.


  1. Finally some news from you!!! I love raspberries!!! I remember your nice bookmarks, but you have used them in a way so unusual!!! I like it very much!!! And your calendar????
    Fantasy Jewellery

  2. so pretty - I love that front entry!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello sweet friend! How lovely to visit you again :) I hope you're doing well. As always, your photos are beautiful. Hugs to you!

  4. Happy colors!! have a great day!


  5. what a beautifully colourful home!

  6. your yellow entry :))
    I like your flat, as it is, with all its colors, pillows and some minor mess

  7. I Love your pink transparent table!!! Nice to see your posts again!!! :))))

  8. I love your home! it would be nice if we could spend all the time as our cats do.. isn't it?
    A big hug!

  9. That is the coolest painted wall! I can't believe you did that, I totally thought it was paper.

  10. That entry is so happy and nothing makes me smile like raspberries!

  11. Your photos brighten up everything! It looks so nice at your place, wow! Love the tea-party on you kitchen counter, so cute :).



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