Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Friends, Welcome!

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The sweetest things in life are... friends! My new life as a blogger finally let me share my passion for decorating and playing with my little home. But more than that, blogging blessed me with amazing friends from all the corners of the world. Like my sweet, positive and unstoppable creative Ana from Carpe Diem, who passed on to me the Liebster Award. Thank you, Ana, I'm taking the opportunity to invite all my readers to see your cool giant squid pillow and the lovely yellow letters that you've just made this spring!

This award comes with a price. I have to answer Ana's questions below:

1. Do you prefer the region you live in or would you like to move somewhere else? I live in Romania, the country is amazingly beautiful but the climate has radically changed in the last 10 years. I dream of living somewhere warmer, but the truth is that I am really comfortable in my own town, anyway :)
2. Do you live in urban or rural area? What do you prefer? I live in the heart of a big city, I like it very much because I'm close to the theater, the opera, the shops and restaurants and coffee shops that I like. Of course, when summer comes, I start dreaming of retiring 15 km away, in the peaceful country side!
3. Do you live in a house or a flat? What do you prefer? I have a flat, which is fine for my needs. A house would be great, but there's always repairing to be done, to the attic or to the basement and I don't have the energy for that (and no kids, yet).
4. Are you an outdoor type? It depends! On one hand I am very lazy and not sporty at all. On the other hand, when summer starts, you never catch me at home, because I love nature, air, sun and I always want to enjoy the outdoor as much as I can.
5. Mountains or sea, why? The sea, because it is magical. It helps me calm down and listen to myself.
6. Book or TV? A book, definitely! I'm an avid reader, just like my mom. I haven't had a TV for the last 9 years, it's great for my mental health and ear pollution :)
7. Would you like to grow your own food? Yes, please! I am fortunate enough to have a retired father who has his own little vegetable garden and orchard.
8. Poetry or prose? Both, depending on my mood. To share a little secret, all my poetry books are tucked away in my bedroom - I am very selfish and don't wanna even show them to anyone else.
9. Having kids is .... on my To Do list!
10. Cleaning or crafting :)? Ooops. Cleaning (with a little obsession, followed by long periods of indolence) and then crafting until midnight!
11. I plan to ... write a book on how to decorate your first home :D

        The Liebster award goes to...
        Fancy Free Me
        Love Making Things
        Vicky's Home
        Dreams Come True
        Cherish Dream Live
        Little Victorian
        Decora Y Adora
        A Few Pretty Things

Congratulations, dear friends! I don't know if you've already received this award, but I'd like to know more about you, so here are my 11 question for you:
1. A good book or a lovely movie?
2. A walk under the sun or a lazy Sunday indoors?
3. Creative chaos or streamlined order?
4. Red or blue?
5. A big splurge or wise savings?
6. Spring or autumn?
7. Pastels or bold colors?
8. Handmade or branded?
9. Salty or sweet?
10. Talking out or just observing?
11. Make-up or all natural?


  1. Now it's my turn to answer and I'm not good at personal questions but I'll do that! Thanks for thinking of me bloggy friend!

  2. Fun to know more about you!
    It must be nice to live in a city so close to all amenities :)

    Have a nice evening

    1. Thank you, Janne, yes I enjoy all the fun and culture a busy city has to offer!

  3. Interesting.. so much fun making friends and writing about your favorite topic at the same time.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Vidya, this is the most fun part of blogging :)

  4. I'm looking forward to your book being made! X

    1. Thank you, Katie, but don't get your hopes up - I will be happy if this book is ready in 5 years from now :))

  5. first of all, thank you for your kind words :*
    then, I am blown away to your no. 11 answer!!!
    I am soooo looking forward to it!!! Is there going to be a discount for us, your faithful followers?? :)))
    I am very happy that you forwarded this award, your questions are great, it is so nice to know you a little more!

    1. Ana, please be patient, I sincerely hope that the book can be ready in about five years, because I wanna do all the photos and illustrations myself... And if it ever sees the light of day, you'll have it as a gift from me, sealed with big kisses!

  6. Oh you are so sweet for passing me the award, the honor is even greater because I really love your style and taste and decorating skills! It was so nice to know a little more about you!

    1. Congratulations, Tina, you know how much I like the elegant harmony of your style :)

  7. Nice Blog!!!!
    Would ytou like to follow each other?

  8. Thank you for thinking of me! I'll let you know when my answers are ready.

  9. You are too sweet! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love that you want to write a book and I will definitely be on the waiting list for it ;)

  10. This is a sweet surprise..thank you so much for thinking about me..I love your pictures and your book will look fabulous with all .

  11. i love reading these. your answers are so great and i can say i am the exact same when it comes to #4, i also dream of moving somewhere warmer or to the countryside. but i, too love living in the city so close to everything!

  12. Thank you dear! I will spend the afternoon replying to your questions :)! Have a marvelous day :)

  13. Congratulations to you on this well deserved award, and thank you very much for thinking of me ♥♥

  14. Îmi place mult vaza ta, de când ai împodobit-o cu trandafirii galbeni! :)
    O zi minunată, Miha. pup

  15. I enjoyed getting to know you more :) Your blog is such a joy to visit and it's always so peaceful :)

    Hugs to you!

  16. I'm always crafting until midnight too! ;) I need to work on my cleaning though. And, gosh, so awesome that you are going to write a book. You have so many great ideas! It will be fun to see how it all comes together.

  17. Hopping over from Nayana's Cherish Dream Live and I love it so much here that I am following you now.

    I took that 'welcome' very seriously ;)


    1. Welcome, Tanya and thank you so much for following my blog! I'm heading over to yours right now!

  18. Yea!! Go you!! I would totally read that book!

  19. What an interesting post! The award is well deserved!

  20. Congratulations on your award, so nice to learn a little more about you!
    I also just stopped by to let you know that I featured your fabric flower vase on my round tuit post this week!
    Round Tuit 151
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  21. Congrats on the award! Beautiful space you got here. First time visiting and loving it. Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greeting from Singapore...

    1. Thank you for the great comment and welcome to my blog! I'm heading over to yours right now :)

  22. Congratulations on the Liebster award! I enjoyed reading your answers. Hooray for books! Hooray for poetry (I have a little vintage book of Tennyson poems...not my favorite poet, but the book is soooo pretty and old....and I am very reluctant to let anyone else touch it, though I have read it myself).

    I'm with you; the ocean is so calming and invites me to reflect and listen. Do you live close to the ocean? I am way too far away.

    I am not sporty either... sort of sports-challenged. But like you, I revel in the outdoors. I love walking or jogging, neither of which takes a whole lot of sportiness.

    You are so lucky your father farms. My parents own a berry farm in Oregon. One of my greatest assets (= Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

  23. Oh thank you for including me in your list Meeha - I'm flattered. I promise to answer your questions soon. And you are right, we bloggers do sometimes hide behind anonymity but its nice to know a little bit about our blogfriends.

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  25. Hallo my friend! :) Cute picture! Hope you are well, long time since this post!
    Hugs Lisa

  26. Just wanted to let you know my answers are up! Thanks for the nomination, it was fun!

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