Saturday, March 3, 2012


February 24th: Another hard day for Anais, who is crushed under the burden of a cat's life at home.

February 25th: The third Cuba Libre cocktail is a charm, isn't it? Awesome birthday party in a little pub.

February 26th: Lunch at my parents - I snipped a pic of an impromptu vignette on the far side of the table.

February 27th: Heavy construction going on at a shopping center near my home. I hope it will open soon :)

February 28th: Last minute shot in the kitchen. I'm not a big fan of fridge magnets, but this one is the exception that confirms the rule. Prague <3

February 29th: Anais insists that sitting half on the table and half on the books is good for her silhouette.

March 1st: Origami papers for an ongoing project. I'm gonna make some little spring cards, soon :) See ya!

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  1. Hey, I'm sorry for your poor cat, what a terrible life :D Lovely photos!

    1. Thank you, Jenny, she is crushed under he burden :)))

  2. Great shots! Oh to be a pampered cat, what a life ;-)



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