Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One month old :)

I'm having cake!!
It's been a month since I started blogging. Quite a month! After years and years of consuming everything I could find on interior design, I put my act together and started to blog about the projects and experiments in my house. I had lots of pictures already from previous years - and that made a pretty consistent blogging. 

But that's not what this post is about. It is about the wonderful people I've met on the way and about the friends that I'm about to make online. Thanks, everybody, for visiting, following and commenting!

This post is also about those of you who gave me a chance and featured me on their sites.
My first share EVER was on X Gioco and took me completely by surprise. Thank you, Francesca, for your lovely gesture! At that time, I never even thought it could happen, I was overwhelmed! Take the time to visit X Gioco and read about Francesca's sons' double room. Take a look at the beautiful Origami garland she made from adorable little colored paper folded boats or even better, her ingenuous take on the white Christmas tree, using some white felt that she already had in the house!

Than, there was Katie from Craptastic who loved my Yellow entryway  a lot and decided to feature it on her Friday feature post, together with some amazing paint jobs from other blogs. Thank you so much, Katie! I hope my readers will love your happy summer wreath, your detailed DIY tutorial on the acid mirror and of course your chocolate office!

And a special thanks goes from all my heart to KA from Whimsical  - thank you so much! She visited me because of a comment I had left, made a complete tour on Meeha Meeha and then she featured me here :)  Go quickly and see her wonderful Halloween goodies and the fantastic vdubs she shot one sunny May day! I love to follow her poetic taste in boho interiors...

Thank you all again for visiting! I've got plenty more stuff to share, so stop by again, from time to time!



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