Thursday, February 9, 2012


All I can say about this past week is: 60 cm of snow and still counting. YAY!

February 2nd: My first phalaenopsis bloom this year. Isn't she preciously voracious!

February 3rd: Friday night rock gig with Alternosfera. That's it, I'm in love with the drummer. Heeeelp!

February 4th: Last minute shot at 11.54 PM. One of the angels in my house. I saw a similar pic on Flickr and thought "That's a great idea!" Also, I must do a post on the pretty little angels hidden in my home.

February 5th: It had been snowing continuously for three days. Peek through the fence into the court of the Armenian church. Built in 1356. On my street.

February 6th: Another last minute shot. Snowy days are not good for me. Too cold to take shots outside. Too beautiful outside to take shots inside!

February 7th: Another kick from Flickr, where I saw this beautiful pic of someone's dishes. Hey, wait a minute! I've got tons of pictures of my clean dishes and I love them all!

February 8th: My "cowcat" Anais is lurking by the kitchen window, hoping to catch down a pigeon...

February 9th: Snow again! You can't see the bench's legs anymore :)) And that's it, folks!

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  1. 5 februarie si 9 februarie imi plac...!
    multumesc si eu de vizita!

  2. I am partial to drummers as well! I am now following back, thanks for visiting my blog! Your style is so cool.

    1. Welcome and thank you! (oh, those drummers...)



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