Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Crochet Stool

All you need is a crochet, a wooden stool (from grandma), colored yarn, small nails and a hammer.
It took me longer to find a good You Tube tutorial on how to crochet the "granny squares" pattern, than to actually make the whole thing. I followed Bethintx on her simple, calm, accurate and logical tutorial. Thank you, Beth!
The colors were meant to complement my turquoise living room at that time. I got off-white for the neutral hue, burgundy for the opposite, a playful lime green and of course turquoise.

As for the pattern, I had already made up my mind to crochet the "granny squares". And THAT was the worst decision, since I was working with a round stool. What can I say, stubbornness runs in the family!
Here is a transition phase - nine squares and no connection between them:

Naturally, the crochet stool goes well by the kitchen table:

It is also a great addition in my tiny balcony, if I want to catch the morning sun and have some coffee as well.

Speaking of coffee, it blends perfectly in the living room and it can serve as a coffee table:

Not to mention it is a sturdy nightstand, with plenty of space for your current readings, your glass of water and some of your favorite memories.

And it complements my vintage cabinet, helping me when I get surrounded by too many stacks of books.

SORRY, folks:
No 1: My cat Anais thinks that all the shooting sessions are especially done for her. Hence, she graciously features nearly every picture.
No 2: In onor of my blog, I got myself a brand new camera, which I don't know how to manage properly. Hence, the bleached pictures.
Anyway, you get the idea on the versatility, usability and beauty of a crochet stool!


  1. So pretty...and sooo versatile! Love it styled in so many little nooks and crannies! Great piece!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Julie! Living in a small home, I have to get creative and to get items with multiple uses.



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