Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm starting this project as an homage to Benita from Chez Larsson. I am going to add one image for each day of the year 2012, to see where it takes me.

Jan 1st: On top of Fagaras Mountains, 1548m altitude. Everything was white and quiet. The air cut through my city girl lungs.We went to see a mountain cascade.

Jan 2nd: Bye-bye, Fagaras Mountains! Back on the road, an 8 hour trip to my home town.

Jan 3rd: It's good to be home! The eco Christmas tree cheerfully dangles its felt little reindeer.

Jan 4th: My youngest cat, Junior, under the beanbag. He is in total disguise, nobody can see him!

Jan 5th: On my living room wall, my favorite art in the house. Made by the talented Vitalie Chirica.

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  1. Oh Fagaras…i miss all the beauties in my home country..

    1. Fagarasul este minunat! Eu locuiesc in Iasi si ajung de obicei in Ceahlau :)



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