Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Petunias & Pansies On The Small Balcony

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Good bye, hot summer days! Good bye, summer blooms! Little pansies, you are the last ones standing (in the pot), more fragile than Chinese paper rolls. Thank you for being my friends throughout the endless summer days. Thank you for not giving up on me, every time I was gone and there was just not enough moisture in the air. Thank you for showing me your soft velvet colors and for keeping me great company.

And farewell to you, too, sweet and sensual petunias. You've given me the splendor of your bursting blooms - dozens of them, springing out of the pot like a magic fountain of purple delight! Thank you for teaching me optimism, positive thinking and stamina! I'll always cherish you, especially in the darkness of the dreaded winter season. I love you, silent pets, quiet friends of ephemera life.


  1. Bye bye amazing summer flowers.. the same thing is happening in my terrace! But the wonderful autumn is here, I'm excited!

  2. Don't you worry, they'll be blooming soon enough. Year pass by sooo quickly.
    Amazing colors on your balcony!

  3. Oh, you're even lucky to still have last summer flowers to say goodbye to. Summer was unusually hot here and lots of my plants that were in container died!

  4. I love petunias and pansies! :)Beautiful with stripes, and the reds and greens mixed together! Look forward to next summer. :)
    Yes, the leaves are from my garden. :)
    Have a nice sunday Meeha! :)
    Hugs from me

  5. Love these little flowers and love the little balcony. Your little balcony reminds me of my little balcony and I am so looking forward to cooler weather out there.

  6. Can I just say that I love that you thank your flowers?! Such gorgeous photos too! I still envy your little balcony.

  7. this was so sweet. i think flowers are definitely one of the things i miss most about summer, and the warmth of course. they still look lovely, maybe you have bit of time left with them.

  8. Such a lovely post, very light and delicate photos :)



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